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How to increase breast size?

Hi Doctor, I want to increase my breast size. I am tired of being ridiculed by others because of my small breasts. Please help me!



I want to make my breasts bigger so I can look more attractive. What are my options?


(For the impatient)

There are two broad categories that you need to know:

a) Non Surgical Procedures: There are several products available in the market, which claim to increase breast size. Remember that these may not be approved by FDA. These may be of several types:

Herbal remedies

Devices (such as breast pumps)

Physical exercises

External accessories (commando take outs, push up bra, etc)

b) Surgical Procedures to increase your breast. This is usually a straight forward procedure, where an implant is placed in your body, to make your breast look bigger.

(Detailed answer)

If you have small breasts and are not confident about the way you look, you are not alone. When you finish reading this article, you will have a complete understanding of breast augmentation procedures/medications and will be able to select the right one for you.

Know Your Breasts:

First, you should have some basic knowledge about normal human breast and the factors that affect it.

Normal human breast anatomy:

The above diagram shows how your breast looks on the inside and what it normally contains. The yellow area is the fat tissue. The brown lines are the ducts. The blue area is the alveoli which is the breast gland.

Hormones that affect your breast:

Estrogen: Helps in fat deposition in the breast and promotes growth of the ducts.

Progesterone: Helps in growth of the alveoli (gland).

Prolactin: Hormone responsible for breast milk.

Effect of age on breast:

Younger women's breasts contain less fat and are denser (meaning more gland and duct) than older women's breasts. In addition to age, breast density is affected by hormones, such as combinations of progestin and estrogen or estrogen alone.

Word of caution:

From what you have read so far it may seem like hormonal supplements will solve the issue. The answer is NO.

Estrogen surge during puberty causes the breast development. But scientists have found that women with smaller breast do not have low levels of estrogen. They also believe genetics plays an important role. Breast growth decreases with age as the glands atrophy. When there are no glands or ducts, hormones do not do the miracle.

These hormones also have significant risk associated so please get your doctor's advice before you try things from the market.

If you are using products from online market, be aware of the side effects these products may cause. Some of them may increase the risk for blood clots, heart attacks and even cancer. Do a thorough research before ingesting any pills.

Having forewarned, I feel safe to discuss the most common ways to increase your breast size.

All of the methods described below have varying outcomes and are available in different forms in the market. Also, remember that you have to have realistic expectations of how big you want your breasts to become.

There are two broad categories of breast enlargement.

1. Non surgical 2. Surgical

Non Surgical methods:

  • Herbal Remedies:

The most common way of using these herbal remedies is to make it into a paste and apply it on your breasts. If they are edible products, you can eat them too.

Common herbs: Dandelion root, kelp, watercress, black cohosh, burdock root and dong quoi root.

Wild yam contains diosgenin which mimics progesterone in its effects.

Fennel and fenugreek seed have estrogen like substances in them.

Breast-enlargement creams contain one or more of the above ingredients. These ingredients contain phytoestrogen (estrogen from plant). Remember effects of hormones on breast.

Pueraria mirifica, a natural herb from Thailand is also claimed to enhance the breast size. This also has effects similar to estrogen. These are available as Nano cream, capsules and serum in the market.

Breast enhancement programs which include breast analysis, personalized program and massages are also available.

Consider the possibility of side effects and also drug interactions, especially with blood-thinning medications.

Also the results are variable with age and your hormonal level.

  • Breast Pump:

Breast pumps are not only an aid for breast feeding; it helps to increase your bust line by 1 or 2 cup sizes.

Fit the cups to cover your entire breasts. Pump the bulb enough to create vacuum inside the cups, causing a stretching force on the breasts. The amount of vacuum created is dependant on the individual’s tolerance. Too much pressure can cause a skin rash or increased pigmentation or pressure ulcer over your skin. Consistent use has shown to increase breast size. It is similar to exercise so use of the pump daily or twice daily for 10-15 minutes is sufficient.

  • Breast exercises:

There is no exercise which can increase the breast size. Beneath the breast are the pectoral muscles.

to strengthen the underlying pectoral muscles can be effective in toning and defining your bust line.

  1. Fly up: You could use 3 lb or 5 lb dumbbells. Easy to do and can be done at home. Do repetitions of 10. Start slow and aim to do at least 2-3 sets of 10 each every day.

2. Push ups:

Regular push ups also increase the tone of the pectoral muscles.

Yoga for breast enhancement:

a. Bhujangasana:

b. Ardha Matsynenderasana.

c. Suryanamaskara

d. Vrikshasana.

  • Bra accessories that can create an increase in bust line:

The first and the most important step are to find the right bra size for you. There are online help sites and also help is available in any major stores. Now let us shop for accessories.

Push up bra is widely used. They create an enhanced cleavage.

Padded bras create an increase in breast size.

The commando take outs are great accessories.

It is made of 100% silicone, same as permanent breast implants. Colorless and hence you can create any bra into an enhancer bra. By positioning it in different ways you can create the effect you would love. Position it under the breast for a lift, position in front for volume and on the sides for a great cleavage. Cost effective and very adaptive for any type of outfits and looks.

Surgical Procedure:

Breast augmentation surgery (breast enlargement):

Breast Augmentation Surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery and has a growing demand. Two of the most common forms of breast enlargement are saline and silicon implants. Saline is the most common and has been approved by the FDA.

If you choose surgery, as an option to enlarge your breasts, you will typically have an initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon where you can discuss the size and shape of your desired breasts. You will be asked to come back for the surgery on a scheduled date.

Before Surgery:

Some times, you may be asked to take a few steps before the surgery. This includes a) Stopping smoking b) Taking a mammogram c) Stopping the use of certain medication such as pain killers, etc.

On the day of surgery:

You will be given local or general anesthesia and the breast augmentation surgery will be done. It will usually take a couple of hours and you will be ready to be driven home. Remember, your breasts will be dressed in a surgical bra for some time.

After Surgery:

You will be able to move around normally after the first few days. The stitches will be removed usually within 7 days. You will be instructed to wear a supporting bra. Any swelling must disappear within 3-4 weeks. If swelling persists longer than that, you should contact your surgeon right away.

Complications of breast implants include:

  1. Bottoming out: The implant can sag and move down. Needs re-surgery.
  2. Capsular contraction: Formation of scar tissue.
  3. Symmastia: The implants move toward the middle of the chest and can give the appearance of one continuous breast.
  4. Rupture or deflation.
  5. Immediate complications following surgery: Infection, Pain, Hematoma (blood collection in the surgical area), or (Seroma fluid around the implant).

Remember that this is a cosmetic surgery, and your insurance may not cover it (But you already knew that, right?)

Breast reconstruction surgery:

This applies to the women who suffer from breast cancer. Removal of breast lump or sometimes even the entire breast is part of treatment for breast cancer.

This leaves us with surgery as the only option for these women. This is part of cancer treatment so the chance of your insurance covering the cost is high. There are two common types:

Immediate reconstruction procedure:

Removal of the breast lump and breast implantation is done on the same day. For patient who would need radiation treatment this cannot be done.

Delayed reconstruction surgery:

This is usually a 2 stage procedure. Usually a muscle form the front of your belly (Rectus abdominis) or back (Latissimus dorsi) is used for reconstruction.

Please leave a comment if you have further questions regarding this subject or click on "contact me" button at the top right corner.

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I know all questions are related and even te same, but do you mind if i ask??

Good complete list for breast augmentation. Thank you.

Hello doctor,

I am 23 years, can u tell

what is the normal breast size

Whether my boy friend sucking on my breast will increase its size?

How I can reduce my breast ( bcoz I was sex with my boy friend) .. Age 24 8month..Female reply me

I am flat breasted and 13 years old. How long should I wait to see if I bloom? All my friends have already bloomed. Please tell me doctor.

just wait it will happen trust me. when it does it means period next and who wants that

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Breast Enlargement - Just wanted to write and say that I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase.

I am need your help my boy friends pulling breasts very long I send him jail

I am 17 years old weighing at 120 and I have a small A-cup size breast, and don't have nipples yet. is this normal??

hello doctor i m abt to be 19 now bt my breast size has still not what should i do ..d current size is 26 of my breast..

hello doctor m 37 and will get married in couple of months . i have a small breast , apart from surgery can u pls suggest me for increasing my breast size cause i have 3 months of time left with me . can breast pump incerase my size if yes where do i get those pumps .

hello doctor
am just 26. female. unmarried. my breast size is 34. i wanna decrease my breast size. what can i do doctor?


hii doctor i m 18 years old nd hav very flat breast how can i enchance it suggest me some pills or cream using estrogen containing pills or cream vl cure it pls suggest me

sir meri age 26 hai but mare brest develop nahi hue hai mai paid bali bra phenti hu muse brest develop karne ke liye kya karna chaiye koi madicne ya koi or upaya

Hello Doctor,
My age is 27 years, my breast size is too small, due to that reason i not getting marriage, i suffered very lot, please give me some suggestion as soon as possible.

my girlfriend using boob pop it's really amazing product she got good result now she looking so sexy with big boobs


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