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One Testicle hangs lower than the other

1. Hello,

My left testicle is hanging lower than my right testicle. Is this is a sign of a disease or Hernia? It is not painful, but I am worried. What is this medical condition called?

- Magnus, Norway

2. Hi Doctor,

I am 20 years old and a virgin boy. My Right testicle hangs lower than my left testicle. I am very scared of this problem. How to cure this problem? Do I have to undergo surgery? Please answer asap!

- Abu Bakr, Pakistan

Answer: No, having one testicle hanging lower than the other is NOT a disease or a medical condition. It is natural and it is present in about 95% all men.

Why does one testis hang lower than the other?

  • The reason is due to the venous blood drainage. In the left side, the testicular vein drains into the left renal vein. The left renal vein is smaller than the inferior vena cava to which the right spermatic vein drains into. This difference in the speed of venous blood drainage produces the difference in height of the two testicles.

  • If you have two testicles hanging exactly at the same level, they would rub and bang against each other when you walk, run or do any physical activity. This will cause a lot of pain and trauma. Nature prevents this issue by hanging one testicle lower than the other.
Above, An ancient Statue showing one testis hanging lower than the other.

  • Enhanced Sperm Protection: A study in France has pointed out that each testicle maintains a slightly different temperature than the other. This is beneficial for sperm production.It is also advantageous to the protection of sperms as two testes rubbing against each other would result in increased temperature and be detrimental to sperms.

  • Right handed or Left: Another study points out that your left testicle will hang lower if you are right handed. Conversely, if you are left handed, your right testicle will hang lower.

Note: The testis which hangs lower is also (usually) smaller than the other.

Another ancient Statue showing one testis hanging lower than the other.


1. The difference in the size of the testicles should be only around 8-11 % . If one testis is unusually smaller than the other, or if there is a bigger or increasing asymmetry, you should consult a doctor right away. This could be a sign of testicular cancer, hydrocele, varicocele and other issues.

2. You should experience no pain in either testicle. If you experience pain or discomfort, you should see a doctor.

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I am right handed but my right testis is lower. Why is that?

Hello Doctor
Am 23 years old girl.. My Left breast is bigger than right.. is any problem?

hello doctor,
I am 29 years old boy. unmarried, My solution is leak during sleeping in midnight mostly, and i have this event weekly 1 or 2 days.
please sent relply

Hi Doctor, my left testicle is smaller than the right, but the right testicle is hanging lower. i don't feel any pain. Is this a problem?


I only have one testis. I found this only when I was 14 years old and I am now 21 years old. I am very shy and do not want to go to a doctor. I can produce sperms normally. Can you please clarify what my condition is??

i exercise vigorously and am training for body builder championship. of late, i am noticing that my testicles are getting smaller. i wonder wtf is going on

I love my testicles. Better yet, I love others testicles.

doctor i got problem in my penis .something like sink my 11 std i used hand job.still now i do that some this any problem for my future pls help me

Hi Doctor, I am overweight and whenever I walk my nuts rub against each other and cause a lot of pain. should i see a doctor?

my pennis is in the size of 2-5only,i can satisfy my wife in sex?

My testes keep moving up and down slowly. every morning they are at different levels. somedays they are tight and round, somedays they hang loose. Why?

Hello Doctor I have one doubt my age is 27 my aunty age is 38 any problem in during sex

My left testicle hurts when i walk or run. I masturbate twice a day. Could that be the reason?

hello doctor im 19 years old i dont hav one testicle is there any problem




doctor my name kumar anakiu suney parusaka vaindum pls

hello doctor, i have masturbating twice per day since 6 years and now. the problem is ,last one month my cum has comeout without stickyness, it seems to be water, but i have as usual hardness and sex this make any problem in my marriage life? can i make my wife preganant in future?

my wife ask me to suck often her pussy instead of fucking.She never like for fucking.After a long sucking some water like coming out from her vagina and she says Ok,then she go for sleep.So that I could not able to do sex with her.Please solve my problem.

I have only one testis. I am not able to see or feel the other, please explain my problem doctor.


hai doctor my pennies or very small. how to advantage it ?

hai doctor my penis is about 5 inch when erect and 2 inch in normal.. is it enough to satisfy the partner....

hi doctor. i just got this problem last saturday,ma right testis has grown in size..that is double of my left one.can u susjest me something? and its paining alot

doctor i got problem in my penis .something like sink my 11 std i used hand job.still now i do that some this any problem for my future pls help me

my pennis is in the size of 2-5only,i can satisfy my wife in sex?

Hi doctor, i have a hand job from in my 13year old to at present 21year old .....that is any problem for fuck my wife... Please answer me... Hi doctor, i have a hand job from in my 13year old to at present 21year old .....that is any problem for fuck my wife... Please answer me...

does a person suffer from hernia if his left testicle is double in size than his right one

Hi doctor this s shiva i had sex with a three guy with out any protection will it create any problem doctor

hi doctor my left side testicles is very smaller than right side i had a masturbation past 7 years can u tell me the solution .is it cause any problem in my life .how it'll make a normal size

hi doctor . i had a problem with my testicles one of it become very small and hanging down than other a have a hand job still now from my school days but its very hard while doing it .... how can i make it become normal plz reply plz reply i'm waiting for ur reply....

hello doctor,
I am 25 years old boy. My solution is leak during sleeping in midnight mostly, and i have this event weekly 1 or 2 days.
please sent relply

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My wife has vagina like giant angry beaver. If I stick my arm in up to my elbow, will this affect my left testicle? Please help me doctor. Her mom has vagina like giant wombat, will this affect my right testicle? ohh jeez.. what to do ? Her sister has vagina that is like a hairy girrafe.. Should I shoot it and eat it? Please doctor.. some help for my penis and balls..

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டாக்டர் எனக்கு தினமும் செக்ஸ் வச்சிகணும்னு தோணுது. அதனால என் ஆணுறுப்பில் கை வச்சி நானே சுய இன்பம் அடைந்து கொள்கிறேன் இதனால எனக்கு எதாவது பிரச்சனை வருமா. பிளீஸ் சொல்லுங்க.

hello doctor,
my left testis is twice the size of right testis, i mean right s smaller. Will it affect my male fertility?

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I'm 20 years old, about 3 weeks ago I felt a little pain around the lower part of the abdomen, 3 day ago I realized the pain was on my right testicle and now it really hurts and it's hanging lower than the left one. The pain covers from the appendix (already taken out) till the scrotum. What could this be?

Pleeze doktor help me

Im' 15 years old and I hav only 3 testicles? I can't pleeze my boyfriend bcause he is luaghing at me. Can I pleeze my boyfreind with this 3 balls or must I go hav sugery?

Thousand opolagies

Doctor i just realized that i have a green bellend and 3 balls

Hello I am a 12 year old boy and I am relly woried me left ball is really really low and my right is so high most of the time I can't fill my right ball but somtimes I can and when I can it is at the very top. Also I have some like stuff in my sack I can fill plZ help asap thanks.

Don't worry about having one testicle hang lower than the other, it's totally natural and prevents your nuts from banging and rubbing together, especially during exercise. And that stuff you feel other than your testicles is nothing more than veins, tubing, and other parts of your reproductive system that create semen. If you feel any unnatural pain then it's time to worry and see a doctor.

No no pain and thanks. But is it natural for somtimes u can't even fill one testicle?

Im the same guy but somtimes I can't fill one of my balls is this normal?

I cant fill my right ball most times is this normal

Pleass help i dont want to talk to my mom or a doctor but my right ball is very high up and somtimes i cant fill it it like my ball cord is tangled my mom told me its always been like this like 5 years ago and now i dont want to talk to her about it please im so scared what if i get married some day could i have kids will she think im a freak please anything hekp me :( im 12 btw

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It Controls the temperature of your sperm when they are loose it's cooling down and if it's up it's heating up

I have worried about the same kind of thing. But based on what the doctor and other people are say having one hang lower than the other is normal though when you cant feel the right one im not sure best to talk to a male figure in your household as he may reassure you.

iam right handed and my right testis is lowerfrom last six months and iam very much worried.please reply to me...

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MY left testis is lower than right one. I am feeling paing on left testis and i was already undergone a hydrocele surgery for right testis and again same raised for left one what is happening with me please suggest me.

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My left testicle hangs lower and I am left handed

I was told many years ago by my doctor it was probably due to a high fever during puberty which kept one from developing. As long as you have one developed you're fine.

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Every time I masturbate, my testis and right leg knee are paining. Why is that so? What is the link between testis and knee? Please explain.

hello doctor,
i have penis and balls on my left butt cheek how will i sex with this

i poop out my dick, that normal?

Is there anyway to make my penis bigger. Because my girlfriend keeps falling off it during sex.

I have 2 penises and one testiicle. Is there a problem?

I having pain in my left testicles and it is smaller than right one what is reason for this??it is paining..what is the reason for this??

Doctor doctor I take big dumps and ha e a 7 inch penis n one ball that hangs lower than the other, is that. Normal?

Hi one of my Testacles is bigger than the other three! Is this nomal?

Dr. Pennis is big girth but the testis small. Is it a gay to have the sex with a sister who have a small boob?

Sometimes I feel pain in my left testicle and it hangs lower than the right. I masturbate about 2-3 times a week and I have 6 1/2 in. penis. Am I normal? I also fantasize a lot about gay sex with my friends yet I still love girls but will only get horny from gay teen porno. I'm 15.

I advise you to use a penis pump they work wonders.

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Hello doctor I'm 12 years old and my penis is 9 inchs long. I'm worried if I have an issue like a hormone problem or something like that.

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3 days ago i did exercise heavily , d next day i saw my right testicle got pain , now it is a bit lower than left testicle ,immbalance, wat is the prblm ?? solution for it? plz urgent

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Can anyone help! I noticed whenever I push my penis into a vaginal my one testicular gets larger and when I pull my penis out it gets smaller. I noticed this happens with her tits. One day I decided to keep my penis inside all the time. What a mistake that was. Her tits became so large they exploded. Milk went all over the place.

You probably have an undescended testicle. If so, it may become cancerous. Consider seeing a urologist.

I always thought my penis was average size, or below, and was shy in locker rooms because my penis was only 4 1/2 flacid , but 7 1/2 inches actually seems pretty big erect. Anyway my question is my left testicle usually hangs lower than my right unless I run when it's cold outside. They both draw up to about the same height then, and bang up against eachother. My left testicle actually hurt quite a bit after my run, but it didn't bruise or anything. Is there anyway to stop this, like tight fitting underwear?

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